Important rituals and art forms related to the temple are listed below:

Kuthiyottam is a ritual performed during Thiruvathira Festival. The performers rhythmically steps in accordance with ballad which adores Devi. Kuthiyottam is performed in Groups of Eight to Ten People with a supportive team for ballad singing.

Kuthiyottam Groups visit all the three temples. The devotees participating in Kuthiyottam has to fast for Seven days before Thiruvathira.


This is a traditional art form which is a graphical representation of Temple Related Myths. This performs in the Main Devi Temple, in front of the Sanctum by Kurup (the priest).

The assigned Kurups draw the 'kalam' and conducts the pooja every night. Natural colors are using for Kalamezhuthu. Common Colors using for Kalamezhuthu are Green (Green leaf Powder), Red (Calcium with turmeric), Yellow- Turmeric, White- Rice Powder


Eduppu Kuthira


This is the major attraction of Thiruvathira festival. The traditionally crafted gigantic pageants carried by devotees on shoulders and revolve round the three temples.

This spectacular event attracts thousands of visitors to Kadakkal Thiruvathira.

Mainly there will be three pageants . Two starting from Altharamoodu and Third one starts from Kilimarathukavu.




This magnificent event performs as part of Guruzi, last day of Thiruvathira Festival.

The Priests carrying holy circlet of Kadakkal Devi and Darika turn around the main Devi Temple 7 times.

There will be number of pageants followed by the holy circlet procession (Thirumudi Ezhunnallippu).

Thousands of devotees gather in the temple on this day to witness this spectacle which they believe the realization and manifestation of devotion to Kadakkal Devi (Kadakalamma).




Parayeduppu performs during Thiruvathira. This procession starts from Thaliyil Temple and reaches ArinirathumPara. Devotees offer Wheat, Coconut, and Fruits.


Pulluvan Pattu


The Pulluvanpattu is a ritual song in praise of serpent deities, performed by Pulluvan, specific community. This is ritual is performing in Nagar Kavu next to Thaliyil Temple



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